Experience the freedom of design that comes from truly inspired sourcing
and specification support. Bur+Mah
affords luxury developers,
designers and architects the joy of custom design without complication. From concept to
delivery, Bur+Mah attends to a
thousand small details, all the while remaining focused on one vision: yours.

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Bur+Mah was founded to serve consumers interested in well-designed,
high quality customized furnishings and architectural
building materials at exceptional price points.

Bur+Mah's innovative approach to sourcing makes
upgraded quality and custom designs a reality.
Our craftsmen will transform your concepts into finished pieces
with an emphasis on intricate details, aesthetics, and function.
We work closely with the designers in the development of each piece,
from concept to execution, to ensure we deliver exactly what they want.
Bur+Mah's goal is to allow our clients to achieve their vision on budget.

Bur+Mah is engaged in the green initiative and is
committed to eco-friendly production standards.